Leadership Through Lay-Offs

Leaders by their actions, not their words, establish a sense of justice in the system - Max Depris.

Yes, lay-offs are about loss. But lay-offs also can also create opportunity for decision-makers, by their actions, to inspire Loyalty, Enthusiam, Achievement, and Direction - in other words, to LEAD. How?

Try bringing employees into the "world of decision-making."  Listen to what they have to say.  When cost-saving measures are needed, how can you help? For employees who are laid-off, consider outplacement services, mutually agreeable reference language, a willingness (but not a promise) to rehire, or access to company resources and networks.  For employees who are retained but may be required to assume additional responsibilities for the same or less pay, think about what else you can offer. Positive feedback? A day off? Training? Technical support? An extended deadline? Thank you?

Most employment litigation comes down to fairness.  Taking steps to establish a sense of justice in the workplace can be the best defense.

For more on leadership skills in a challenging economic climate, see "Honoring Employees in a Poor Economy - Handling Promotions and Raises" at www.menoconsulting.com/docs/HonoringEmployees.pdf.